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Iowa Wineries

Wineries in Iowa? Who would have thought. With Okoboji Wines originating from Iowa, we do not stray from supporting our local wineries. It is interesting to think that acres of beautiful green vineyards live right outside our doorstep. With Spring around the horizon, I thought it would be a great time to share a few of the local wineries that Okoboji Wines distributes throughout Iowa and South Dakota.

Tabor Home Winery

Tabor Home Vineyards is an international award winning estate located in Eastern Iowa near the town of Baldwin and similar to Okoboji Wines, it is family owned. The estate is settled on the Tabor Family farmstead which dates back to 1860.

The tasting room located at the estate welcomes visitors from all over to try some of their delicious wines while viewing the beauty of Iowa's countryside. Whether you are familiar or new to wine, Tabor has a wide variety of wine ranging from white and red to sparking and dessert, that will please any wine drinker.

If you do not have access to the vineyard and would like to try some of their wine, don't worry because the wine is sold at various retailers throughout the state. If you would like more information on the vineyard their website can be accessed through our suppliers page.

Calico Skies

Similar to the Beatles singer Paul McCartney, Calico Skies had a very youthful history, and it all began with a couple traveling on motorcycle from vineyard to vineyard in Santa Barbara during the early stages of their relationship. The couple grew a passion for wine while living in California, but wanted to return to their roots in the midwest. They purchased a stunning 16 acres of land located in Inwood, Iowa and began their new journey.

Calico Skies uses French-American Hybrid grapes to hand-craft a diverse selection of dry to sweet wines. This Estate is a great place to visit with family and friends all while highlighting the beauty of native Iowa wines. It is even available in South Dakota through various retailers. More information about Calico Skies can be found at their website linked through our suppliers page.

Experience the richness of the midwest by visiting these special Iowa wineries, or seek a bottle through retailers in Iowa and South Dakota.

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