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Meet The Team

Mark Reed


Tully Reed

Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator

Office: 712-336-3492

Office: 712-336-3492

Clerical Administration

Sheila Reed

Vice President

Office: 712-336-3492

Jacqueline Connolly

Accounts Receivable

Office: 319-354-3708

Management Team

Steve Lorenz

Inventory Manager


Jennifer Tritle

Sales Manager KAM

Tom Lally

Brand Manager/Marketing

Office: 319-354-3708

Brandon Finn

Sales/Brand Management

Iowa City & Cedar Rapids

Donn Bruns

Sales/Chain Managment

Michael Maccaffery

Sales/Brand Manager

Kris Meade

East Warehouse Manager

Office: 319-354-3708

Dustin Golden

West Warehouse Manager

Office: 712-336-4993

Iowa Sales Specialists

JD Determan

Marcus Walsh

Lacy Laughton

Jeff Huseman

Mason City & NE IA Sales

Des Moines Sales

On Premise Specialist

Eastern Iowa Sales


Daniel Engelkes

Jeff Yanecek

Nick McManus


Des Moines Sales

Ames/Central IA Sales

Valerie Ware

Southwestern IA Sales

Marketing Assistant

Shane Seay

Ayron Messerschmitt

Jeremy Brunsvig

Aaron Stevens



Sales and Logistics


Darren Winkowitsch

Will Dodge

Michelle Peterson

John Soliz Jr

Cedar Falls/Central IA Sales


Des Moines Sales


Jeff Roalson


Scott Selim

Central IA Sales/ Merchandiser

Lindsey Smith

Eastern IA Sales

Zach Blazek

Warehouse logistics/Merchandising/Delivery

Brock Bates

SW Iowa Sales/Merchandiser

Debbie Michealree

Western SD Sales

South Dakota Sales Specialists

Tim Alick

SD Sales

Rebecca Filice

SD Fine Wines Sales

Roxanne Privetera

Jeremy Brunsvig

Sales and Logistics

Warehouse and Delivery

Bret Buns, Iowa City

James Parsons, Iowa City

William Barry, Iowa City

Matthew Walshire, Iowa City

Andrew Helberg, Iowa City

Marcus Matthews, Iowa City

Reid Chaplin, Spirit Lake

Lou Woods, Iowa City


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