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Western Cape, South Africa; Day 4

Day 4: Mount Blois Winery, David and Nadia Wines and other fun stuff to share!

Mount Blois Winery - Robertson

Winemaker: Nina-Mari Bruwer Vineyard

Manager: Ernst Bruwer

Region: Breede River, District; Robertson, Ward; Hoopsriver

The history of Mont Blois Wine Estate and the Bruwer Family begins in 1869 when the first farm was bought. Six generations later, Ernst Bruwer now manages our 3 farms in Robertson namely Mont Blois, La Fontaine and Sunshine. The Mont Blois Wynlandgoed cellar was built in 1884.

The farm is named after the picturesque town of Blois in the Loire where the Bruwer’s came from. Owner Ernst Bruwer took over from his Grandfather Ernst Bruwer Snr. He believed in sustainable farming and that older vineyards should be cared for.

Winemaker Nina-Mari and Ernst met whilst studying Viticulture & Enology together at Stellenbosch University. Nina-Mari joined the Mont Blois team in 2008. In 2014 Nina-Mari was awarded with the prestigious title of Cape Wine Master. The husband and wife team are passionate about making site specific quality wines.

David And Nadia - surprise visit and tasting in Stellenbosch

David & Nadia Sadie David (viticulture and oenology) and Nadia (soil science and viticulture) studied together and got married in 2009. Our rst wine was made in 2010 (while still employed by our previous employers). David resigned during 2013 and Nadia joined him permanently at the beginning of 2016. We have two energetic boys, Wilhelm and Malan, and a tan stae named Tarzan. We are still very happy in the winery that we call the home of our wines on the Paardebosch farm

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